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Today, I’d like to share some of those insights , and I’m sure his vision and I hope they are as impactful for you as they were for me! New call-to-action 1 . Don’t forget the H for Human Resources The first, and perhaps the main lesson I take away from David’s speeches, is that a company that understands its people is better able to keep its teams motivat, productive and happy. It is very clear here at Gupy that, at all times, especially in the most challenging ones.

Your business See problems and advantages

What makes the difference for us to continue improving and growing is the engagement of the team. Last week, we announc the acquisition Saint Lucia B2B List of Pulses , the largest climate and engagement solution in Latin America. We’ve been using  Pulses for a few years to measure team satisfaction and find out how our employees are feeling in dimensions such as Health and Well-Being, Career, Justice, among others. The data we take from Pulses is fundamental for us to understand where the team’s biggest points of attention are and what we can do to improve.

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Stagnation and various losses

Helping us to have a strategic thermometer for maintaining engagement. And productivity, even working 100% remotely during BM Leads these last years. For David, the rule is: if you are not clear. About the benefits that the collection. And analysis of your data will bring to the collaborating person, the project simply should not be carri out. The first step is to prepare to ensure that. Data collection is done ethically, with legal support and bas on codes of conduct. Start with pilots who generate quick feback and help scale the project in a healthy way.

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