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The professionals interview by the IBC say that their leaders are unable to develop strategic actions for the development of employees and their retention, in addition to the fact that 97% report a shortage of good team managers; Hay Group also carri out a study that found that 63% of leaders are a factor that demotivates employees, where only 12% have the ability to promote a healthy work environment for the high performance of the team; In turn, KPMG also carri out another.

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Survey that shows 91% of employees are dissatisfi with their leaders, who do not act in accordance with the company’s organizational South Korea B2B List culture. With most professionals pointing out these dissatisfaction with their team leaders, the possibility that they are pains of their company’s employees is also great. But did you know that leadership training is essential to having strong and effective corporate leadership? Discover more below. Why train leadership? The importance of good corporate leadership in the company is strategic decision-making for the team to be able to boost the organization’s results.

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Leadership training will help define the standards and behaviors ne to be an exemplary leader. When you have a good leader in charge, your BM Leads job activities include: Develop an efficient and inclusive integration of new employees, making them feel welcom by the team and an important part of it; Diagnose the team’s training nes, recognizing the knowlge gaps of employees and delivering solutions in corporate training for their development and improvement; Identify internal conflicts that may be taking place.

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