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After that, it is important that the objectives and data analysis are shar. That way, whoever is providing the inputs can understand how to use them to gain insights that help manage their career, improve work-life balance, and/or increase productivity. And every HR professional or leader knows: working with people is complex, it requires care, but practices like these make a lot of difference in everyday life! In October last year, we launch a report with the best practices of the more than 1000 companies that participat in the 2nd ition of Gupy Destaca, our annual award.

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That recognizes the 100 most inspiring HRs in the country. And one of the pieces of information that caught our attention in this Saint Vincent and the Grenadines B2B List regard was that 98.2% of companies frequently carry out internal surveys and use their data for decision-making. Which already leads to the third and main learning that I would like to bring here: 3. People Analytics is not about HR, it’s about the business We already understand that people analytics offer tremendous potential for companies: to support their business strategies, to improve productivity.

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Performance, and to personalize and enhance the experience for employees. All of this is directly relat to the company’s results. When BM Leads people feel open to express their opinions in a fair way and receive inputs to develop and grow, satisfaction in the work environment improves, and so does performance. David Green’s insights make us reflect on how technology and the use of data help shape the future of work and drive the performance of our businesses . In addition to helping us improve the experience of collaborators, who are the main source of energy for us to be able to reinvent ourselves, learn and innovate.

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