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According to Sears, a giant in the sector of department stores, there is a direct relationship between employee satisfaction and end consumer satisfaction, generating a significant increase in revenue when both data are positive. 4. Return on Investment (ROI) This training indicator aims to measure the cost-effectiveness of training, in quantitative and qualitative terms. There are different methodologies to evaluate the ROI, but in all of them it is necessary to know the detail description of positions and tasks, in addition to the individual and collective results before and after the application of the training.

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Here we teach you the formula to calculate the ROI and its importance in companies. In quantitative terms, it is a simple calculation, if the benefits of training are known. To obtain the Cost-Benefit Ratio, just calculate the total Mexico B2B List benefits obtain with the training, calculate the total costs of this and divide the first by the second. The higher the number obtain, the better the ratio. For example, in a department store, the board wants to increase revenue by R$100,000 next year.

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For that, they hire a training company with a budget of R$15,000. Dividing 100 thousand by 15 thousand gives BM Leads an index of 6.6. The return on investment must be monitor. Initially, it can be calculat bas on projections.  But the ideal is also to analyze it by comparing the periods before and after training. Deepen Your Knowlge  from an assessment where training nes are identifi to frequent feback to ensure the retention of these professionals and their excellence in the position. Therefore, it is recommend to map the business vision, learn about the aspirations of talent in their respective functions and prepare a strategic plan that aligns employees with the company’s goals and objectives.

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