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Add value to the institution, improve processes and the business climate itself. The value of learning is an intangible asset , which becomes difficult to measure if not realiz through an appropriate methodology. For an assertive survey, the four main assessments are: Assessment of Reaction, Learning, Behavior and Results. In the second article of this series, we will address the Learning Assessment , a very important tool to measure the efficiency and potential returns of a corporate ucation action.

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The four stages of T&D Assessment When it comes to investments in intangible heritage, evaluating corporate ucation can be Thailand B2B List a little more complex. Some elements are difficult to measure in real terms, which alter the assessment and may issue erroneous data. With this in mind, professor Donald Kirkpatrick develop an innovative model call four levels of evaluation to analyze corporate ucation programs. This model is a reference of success in T&D programs at the levels.

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Reaction, learning, behavior and results. The Reaction Assessment analyzes the employee’s subjective perception of their expectations BM Leads and training experiences. The Learning Assessment collects data on the retention of knowlge acquir in action. Behavioral Assessment aims to measure real changes within the corporate day-to-day, while Results Assessment is closely relat to the return on investment.

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