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Clear and non-violent communication The art of communicating goes beyond choosing words well. In fact, good communication is clear, direct, and free of violent or derogatory terms. When the leader unites kindness, respect and transparency in interactions with the team, it is a sign that he has the ability to communicate well . 3. Critical and empathetic thinking Critical thinking leads leaders to evaluate the effect and results of their decisions, as well as to question internal rules and procures.

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The goal is to make HR demands align with the company’s goals and the team’s profile. Empathy, on the other hand, helps Sri Lanka B2B List leadership to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of the team. That way, you can help them reach their potential. 4. Liability Having this skill means taking responsibility for your actions and decisions – even if the results are not favorable. It also involves taking the lead in meeting the goals and strategies defin by the HR team. In simple terms, the leader who takes responsibility is the one who “gets down to earth” with the team.

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Active listening Active listening is different from passive listening. While the first involves attention, analysis and offering solutions, the BM Leads second can be describ as listening with indifference – the famous “go in one ear and out the other”. The leader nes to listen carefully to better understand the challenges and interests of his team. How to evolve and improve these skills? Management skills can be develop and improv through learning processes and career experience.

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