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Conventions and Agreements must contain: I – designation of the agreeing Unions or of the agreeing Unions and companies; II – period of validity; III – categories or classes of workers cover by the respective provisions IV – conditions set to govern individual labor relations during its term; V – norms for the reconciliation of divergences arising between the parties due to the application of their provisions; VI – provisions on the process.

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Extension and total or partial review of its provisions; VII – rights and duties of employees and companies; VIII – penalties for the convening unions, employees and companies in case of violation of its provisions. What is Retroactive Brunei B2B List Dispute? Different labor categories have different base dates. This date is known to be the date chosen for the salary adjustment, determin by conventions or unions. The payment made of the differences that were not paid is call a retroactive bargaining agreement.

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Therefore, it is essential to check the base date and the date. The publication was mad in order to be successfully carri out. Here BM Leads we have an exampl. To better explain this term that is the reason for so many doubts: let’s assume. That employees and bosses close an agreement in the month of December.  But this consensus will only be approv in March. The days that employees work from the beginning of the agreement made in December until March nes to be count and calculat. Thus, a readjustment account is ma so that the agre amount is paid without setbacks.

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