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First of all these are projects with content that is critical for customers for example banks online schools and similar companies. In the event of a server failure users may lose access to the necessary materials and the company will suffer not only financial but also serious reputational losses. CDN in this case will become a lifesaver and will allow you to maintain access to important files for as long as it takes the technical support of the site to restore the main servers. In addition content delivery networks significantly spee up the loading of mobile traffic.

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Today this is very important because according to statistics people go online more often from smartphones than from computers. Thus it is important for application developers who rely on the promotion of their mobile products to think about how the content will reach their users. What projects and tasks require a CDN Detaile analysis of Belize Email List technology for business. Read Now we have smoothly approache the consideration of the pros and cons of CDN. Benefits of using CDN servers Faster content delivery Since CDN nodes are most often locate closer to the user than the main servers you can spee up the download because the distance for transferring content is reuce. For example if your website is locate in Russia but you also receive traffic from Kazakhstan it is possible that your CDN provider has servers in both countries.

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And the provider will use these servers to upload your sites statics to users from Kazakhstan and neighboring countries. More concurrent visitors A good CDN provider ensures that a large number of users from different regions and countries can access the network at the same time and without delay. Always available CDN servers are always BM Leads running and your site will be at least partially available even if the main server fails. For example the main server of some meia or marketplace lay down under load. Thanks to the CDN static content from the cache will be available to users they will be able to read some of the news or look through the preserve product cards. Stable content delivery This applies in particular to high quality meia content such as high definition videos and images.

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