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Let’s look at some issues relat to collective bargaining and the normative power of the Labor Court. This power has the duty to develop and amend general and abstract rules for concrete cases. The normative sentence deals with different clauses, such as: economic: salary remuneration, always seeking better working conditions in the economic sphere, such as the long-await salary adjustment; social: breaks, situations that generate well-being for the employee, norms relat to occupational health and micine unions.

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These are clauses that regulate the relationship between unions and companies. The most common deals with admissions and Cyprus B2B List dismissals made by the personnel department and HR indicators; Obligatory: fines that are stipulat due to non-compliance with norms creat by collective bargaining. In general, when it is not possible to reach a collective bargaining agreement or consensus in the collective bargaining agreement, a dispute is postulat. Depending on the situation and national scope, the bargaining goes to the TST. And if it is statewide with the union of employees or employers.

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The process for the region’s TRT. This type of salary adjustment request through collective agreements is not mandatory for all BM Leads companies. It is common for large and renown companies to make these changes to show care and attention to employees. Who should receive the salary agreement in 2023? All workers whose unions and their collective agreements establish this. Year as the base date for this year’s salary adjustment are entitl to the 2023 salary agreement . Companies that do not comply with their part, do not pay the bargaining agreement or any retroactive amounts, may be su by the Ministry of Labor and pay a fine.

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