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To know which actions are possible, it is necessary to consider how the organizational culture of the company is establish. The first point to be analyz in search of improvement is the application of the corporate culture. It must be appli from top to bottom. Managers are the first to develop the concepts and effectively reach the largest possible number of employees. In addition, an important point is the continu formation of the team. When courses and other alignment options are offer, it is easier for employees to understand and engage with the company.

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It is also a way of consolidating the organization’s values ​​and objectives, involving all areas. However, these are just some of the Slovakia B2B List possible practices to promote the improvement of organizational culture. Other actions can be appli, aiming at the establish objectives. It is worth mentioning that all actions can be carri out together or individually, in the way that best relates to the organization. Seek sponsorship from senior management Changes are not usually taken seriously when they are not embrac by the highest ranking people.

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In small businesses, as the owner is usually very close, sponsorship is usually simpler. Mium and large organizations may require BM Leads the convincing of an entire summit. A tip is to always present the cultural transformation proposal in terms of income, expenses and profit. If the optimization of resources is clear and straightforward, managers will generally be interest. Mapping and identifying gaps You must be very clear about your plan for the organizational culture and, from there, analyze values, behaviors and beliefs establish in the work environment. Your aim will be to close the gap between model and reality.

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