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If you want to know our successful cases, just choose one of our clients and click below: hyundai Brazil Day Group ; Matthew  hear the testimony of Saito , sales and after-sales training manager at Hyundai Motor who and experienc Hyundai  ‘s solution for his company: “These are small pieces of content that are quickly absorb. We notic that people began to engage naturally. The more people want to rank well, the more they advance professionally”. So, are there any doubts why Gupy is the best specialist in gamifi courses for your business.

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Take advantage of  “RH” for companies, which will cover the following topics: Stages of the gamification journey; Profile of the new Armenia B2B List apprentice and the context in which he is insert; Relevance of gamification and how to implement it in corporate training. With this, you will have the opportunity to learn gamification, in practice, to be able to train your employees and modernize the HR sector to optimize business processes and create uncomplicat and engaging training. Don’t miss the opportunity, register here. And to chat with one of experts, click here.

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Wage dispute what it is, how it works, types and. How to calculate Bargaining is the agreement . That takes place between the company BM Leads and employees for the percentage readjustment of salary bas on inflation. This agreement is usually miat by the union. The word means “difference” or “conflict” in the legal context. Stefanie  by May 22, 2023 personal department 13 minutes of reading Article index What does dissent mean? Is there a legal basis for the dispute? In other words, the purpose of the wage bargaining is for workers not to lose the purchasing power they had before the inflation adjustment.

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