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The only requirement is that participants have access to the internet to take the lessons or download them so that they can access them offline. As teaching is flexible , it enables employees to learn wherever they are, at any time available. Also, because they are quick lessons, the professional has the chance to fit the training during task intervals. For example, you can train on the way to work, in line at the bank, during your lunch break, however and whenever you prefer.

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New call-to-action 2. Learning mobility Although many distance learning takes place via computers or notebooks, one of the great advantages of the gamifi platform is that knowlge can be access through all mobile devices. Most of the Indonesia B2B List time, employees use their cell phones to carry out activities, the so-call mobile learning . Therefore, regardless of where they are, if there is internet and a cell phone, professionals are able to train because there is learning mobility. 3. Fits in your pocket This is a very common question: “after completing the training, do employees no longer have access to the content.

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Even though it is an online training , all content remains available to professionals. So no more carrying books and notes everywhere! The BM Leads material is sav on the collaborator’s device and he can access it whenever he wants. Also, as the market is always changing, training is also updat and, as everything is online, changes are made immiately. This is another advantage of training platforms . 4. Promote networking A gamifi platform in large companies can inde promote networking, especially when the culture of continuous learning is part of the corporation.

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