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With more information at hand, the chances of success and profit are greater. It’s not just about fun or entertainment, it’s about increasing the employee’s production capacity for more effective and business-focus learning. Success case on the use of corporate gamification With more than 150,000 people working at points of sale in Brazil, the company Solvian, which provides services to large telephone companies in the country, found in corporate gamification a way to be closer to its employees.

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An also to pass on more information about the employee’s performance. Thus, Trade Rally was creat, the first gamifi platform for Belize B2B List controlling and monitoring teams in the field. This application, with an intuitive interface and simple navigation, allow the employee assign to a point of sale to report entry and exit times, knowing how his performance is in relation to other employees who perform the same function and still win prizes for the work perform.

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With the use of the app, it was possible to implement features such as geolocation, photos, date and time stamp, in addition to solving BM Leads the urgent ne to make employees more engag in the company’s business. This was the first application of corporate gamification in Trade Marketing in Brazil. Check out the testimony of Benito Fayan, director of Solvian: “We develop the platform with corporate gamification to engage the team and make the field operation control process more fun. The game prov to be an effective way of encouraging the promoter to be accountable, improving communication between company and employee, valuing work and rewarding merit.

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