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The risks of not having an admission process in accordance with the LGPD Not having an admission process in accordance with the LGPD can expose the company to several risks, including: Fines and sanctions: The LGPD provides for heavy fines, in addition to other sanctions, for companies that do not comply with its regulations. The only difference is that the third-party rate is add to the total amount, which makes SENAI , SESI and SESC social services possible.

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The amount of this tax varies from company to company. How to ruce hiring costs? It is important that your HR team knows that cost Albania B2B List ruction does not mean deliberately cutting funds and losing quality when it comes to bringing good talent to the company. This process is, in fact, about optimizing hiring and enabling investments in what is really necessary to attract talent. Check out our tips on how to ruce hiring costs in your company.

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Invest in employer branding In free translation, the English expression employer branding means “employer brand” and is, in BM Leads practice, a series of strategies with the objective of guaranteeing a good reputation of the company as an employer. A survey carri out by Linkin points out that companies that invest in employer branding manage to ruce hiring costs by up to 43%. In the survey, it is possible to understand that candidates tend to look for vacancies in companies that they have already heard about or follow some type of relat content.

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