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An sharing here with you a little of what motivates my admiration for this great reference in the area of ​​people has a special meaning today. A few years after the first contact with David Green, and the many learnings I had with his teachings, I am very happy and very excit to announce that Gupy will bring this great reference in people management to HR4results 2023! Telling a little of this story here is my way of encouraging you to take advantage of this opportunity that was transformative for me and that will certainly have a very positive impact.

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On all the people and organizations that will be with. Us at the event. Corporate gamification and its impacts on business results  Corporate gamification is a training and development. Methodology that uses technological tools to The Bahamas B2B List encourage employee engagement, learning and performance. Romulo Martins | GUPY uCorpPublish by May 12, 2023 Training and development 4 minutes of reading Article index How does enterprise gamification optimize business outcomes.

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Effectiveness Demand purpose of use Corporate gamification. Is already a reality Success case on the use of corporate gamification BM Leads More efficient recruitment. And selection and hiring with Gupy! Talk to a seller Enterprise gamification. Was consider as one of the 10 most important global technology trends for our century. According to a survey conduct by Gartner in 2015.  The strategy would be the main method adopt to improve results. By companies around the world. Such research took into account what company employees were talking about in corporate social networks.

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