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On the other hand, we ne to mention that some companies prefer to pay this readjustment in full to all employees. This is done so that there are no major changes in the salary of employees who perform the same function in a given sector. This is done by companies that value salary policy and good interaction between employees and coordinators. infographic admission gupy features How do the bargaining negotiations take place.

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In the previous topics we talk about collective bargaining negotiations, but do you know how the process actually happens? Companies and categories that have union representation, the conversation takes place between the workers’ union Burma B2B List and the employers’ union. However, professionals who do not have union representation must elect their representatives. In organizations with up to 199 employees, employers must select contractors who must miate negotiations. Above 200, there must be an election for professionals to elect a representative.

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By defining who these people are or by the union. Negotiations begin so that wages can be readjust and labor disputes are correct. A wage BM Leads bargaining negotiation is. A formal negotiation process between workers’ representatives. And employers to determine a wage increase for employees of a company or industry. Generally, workers’ representatives submit their wage claim to employers. In addition to the specific salary increase, better benefits, safer working conditions, among other issues that we explain throughout this text.

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