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It is bas on this principle that Gupy has been working towards a more accessible recruitment platform, thus helping client companies to become more inclusive in talent recruitment. Find out in this article how we are building an increasingly accessible platform to boost companies and people, making the job market more diverse and inclusive. This time, we’re bringing improvements in accessibility for blind or low vision applicants. Prioritization and improvements focus on people who are blind and have low vision.

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At first, we prioritize improvements for people who are blind and have low vision, as they represent a large portion of the population that faces significant impiments to finding a job. In this way, and understanding that inclusion Palestine B2B List and diversity is a continuous and very broad process, we decid to start with this public. The improvements were appli at different stages in the candidate’s journey, from the search for a vacancy to registering on the platform. See below all the steps that have receiv improvements in recent months: Search for opportunities on the Gupy Vacancy Portal.

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Client career pages; Vacancy page; Account creation on the Gupy platform; Registration on the platform. Tamara Braga, Diversity & Inclusion BM Leads and Mental Health Manager at Gupy, participat in this platform accessibility project and believes that the journey of improvements has just begun. “The accessibility journey is a gigantic journey. So, we understood that we ne to start somewhere. We chose to prioritize blind and low vision applicants at this time because, in addition to being the largest proportion of people with disabilities in Brazil today, they were also the ones most in ne of adaptation on the platform for access.

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