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A little more complicat to analyze are the conceptual trainings that involve theoretical knowlge. They are usually aim at leaders or employees. However, they also ne evaluation, mainly due to their broader nature and broader applicability. Of course, the objective of the evaluation is not to judge the memorizing or learning capacity of a particular employee, but rather to analyze the efficiency of the training in generating knowlge value for the company.

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Employees who do not perform satisfactorily should not be punish, but may ne different training, which may require specific Peru B2B List actions. Furthermore, it is necessary to be clear that not all employees magically absorb all knowlge , while others will not be able to apply it on a daily basis. There are continuous actions for this. The miracle of learning only happens when it is constant. Therefore, one of the biggest gains in this assessment is knowing the team’s weaknesses in order to work on them continuously.

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At first glance, the learning assessment can make the investment in training programs more expensive because it requires more BM Leads steps, which culminates in a greater budget for actions. However, it is only through it that one can reliably measure whether training was efficient or not. After all, if the train employee is not able to at least retain the acquir knowlge, then an error occurr in the process and it is necessary to correct it, before the investment proves to be a loss. With that in mind, count on o extract assertive data in the corporate ucation program. We have incrible support solutions and content creation for online training.

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