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To conclude, it is worth remembering that the remuneration of all extra days work must be done as in a regular month. Therefore, if the employee decides to sell ten days of his vacation, he will receive twice for them: one in the normal working period and another in the cash allowance. In other words, in a single month, the employee receives 40 days of pay and has ruc discounts. Now that you know what the cash allowance is, what do you think about transforming hiring processes from the beginning.

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With Gupy , your HR team can optimize processes and ensure more agility. Know more:The most accessible Gupy platform for blind or low vision applicants GuppyPublish by March 31, 2023 Diversity and Inclusion 4 minutes of reading Article index Prioritization and improvements focus on people who are blind and have low Pakistan B2B List vision The process for building a more accessible platform Training surveys and tests Implementation of improvements Gupy and our commitment to diversity At least 18.6% of Brazilians have some degree of visual impairment.

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Within this cutout, 6.5 million people live with total blindness or low/subnormal vision (IBGE, 2010). Even though it is a BM Leads common disability, people who are blind or have low vision are not in large numbers in the job market. For these people, accessibility barriers prevent them from finding a job, learning about the company and creating an account on recruitment platforms, for example. But when it comes to accessibility, we must start from the idea that autonomy is a right for everyone – both in the face-to-face and virtual world.

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