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They must be plann to reflect reality and generate a correct diagnosis. The T&D sector does not ne to fear these analyses, as even bad indexes can point to failures in the processes, allowing for occasional corrections. In order to plan the evaluation action correctly, it is first necessary to be clear what knowlge employees are expect to acquire during training. Having an objective relationship of the expect results, it is possible to develop more efficient evaluation instruments.

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These instruments must also be prepar together with the speaker, in an integrat work. The training and development team that delegates this process runs the risk of invalidating the assessment step. Include surveys that the speaker Ecuador B2B List deems necessary, are not always align with the objectives of the T&D area or goals stipulat by the board. It is also necessary to know if the employee had the opportunity to gain this experience, so it is common for someone from the training and development team to accompany the learning to fill in the evaluation instruments.

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Finally, these assessments should cover both quantitative and qualitative elements. Some speakers like to opt for qualitative BM Leads assessments, as the subjective view of the employee can often bring details that neither the T&D team nor the speaker have thought of before. However, quantitative assessments are necessary for this step, as data on the learning process are extract from them. Read also Performance evaluation in training: what is it and how to do it ? Methodology for Learning Assessments For efficient evaluation instruments, it is essential to align training with the topics address in the program.

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