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Map the areas of greatest incidence 2. Ensure that training will be done with experts in the field 3. Check the quality of training 4. Analyze if the language is adequate 5. Benchmark 6. Look for strategies to engage employees in training More efficient recruitment and selection and hiring with Gupy! Talk to a seller According to a survey carri out in 2022 by the Brazilian Association of Business Communication (Aberje) , 73% of women have already suffer harassment in the work environment and 78% have.

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Already witness some type of harassment. Fac with this worrying scenario and with the purpose of making the work Kazakhstan B2B List environment more equitable, Law nº 14.457/2022 came into force in September 2022. With the current law, the Program was creat, which promot changes in the Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT). The Program aims at the insertion and permanence of women in the work environment. Some of the measures of the program are: preventing and combating sexual harassment and other forms of violence in the workplace; pay equity for men and women.

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Professional training of women; parenting support for men. And women with children up to 6 years of age or with a disability; assistance BM Leads for the return. Of women after maternity leave ; microcrit support for women; As a result, since. March 2023 , all companies, regardless. Of size or segment, are requir to provide training against sexual and moral harassment, as well as provide channels for receiving complaints. To reinforce the importance of the changes, the legislation also chang the name of the Internal Commission for the Prevention of Accidents (CIPA) to the Internal Commission for the Prevention of Accidents and Harassment.

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