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That is, it was something spontaneous that none of the companies had responsibility for the content broadcast. Below, we will analyze each point about corporate gamification so that, in the end, you can be sure that it is worth investing in this strategy. How does enterprise gamification optimize business outcomes? Gamification in companies is in pure expansion. With more companies proving its effectiveness and more research emerging on the subject, the numbers are impressive! Gamification for sales teams.

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For example, can increase profits by up to 20%, and a survey conduct by TMS reveal that employees expos to gamification increase their interaction and productivity by up to 51%. That is, this technology generates profit and it is a Trinidad and Tobago B2B List market that only has to grow! Effectiveness Gamification software can be updat as ne by the company. There is no ne for large investments in material modernization, nor the cost of logistics and employee displacement. In addition, it favors the measurement of results, making it easier for managers to make decisions.

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Get to know the Gupy Corporate ucation platform . Demand More than 60% of the economically active population in Brazil represent BM Leads Millennials — a generation born before 1995, consider digital natives. These people are us to absorbing content in different ways and are more receptive to change. Thus, this generation is the majority within organizations and also takes this demand to what is expect from companies. They prefer and learn more from alternative forms of corporate ucation.

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