March 22, 2023
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Obviously server solutions here are much more reliable than motherboards designe for home use. RAM The main difference is ECC error correction. It is absent in the Chipcore configuration with the i the server with the E has ECC memory sticks installe which detects and corrects random memory bit errors. For senior server processors starting with the Intel Xeon W ECC Reg is also use registere memory with error correction. The buffer register of such memory stores data commands and addresses. The reliability of the system with this type of memory is greatly increase.

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According to the statistics of the Selectel assembly department server memory sticks fail several times less often than desktop ones. Disks In the configuration with the E two TB NVMe U. SSDs will be installe on board and for the i two GB NVMe M. SSDs will be installe on board. The main difference is in the service life. So for enterprise solutions with rare Grenada Email List exceptions disks with DWPD of at least and in some cases up to are installe. While for Chipcore the value of the minimum DWPD is An important feature Chipcore servers use M. NVMe disks for which hot swap is not possible. On the contrary hot swapping of NVMe drives is supporte in all configurations of machines with server hardware.

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This allows you not to stop the system in case of failure and for example using RAID to restore data from the second working disk. In Chipcore under the same conditions you will have to turn off the server to replace it. A similar principle for selecting BM Leads components is use for SATA SSD and HDD drives. Chipcore servers install cheaper drives with a shorter lifespan and lower performance in some configurations . Here I would like to pay attention to the new configuration in the Chipcore line CL NVMe . In such servers two TB Samsung PRO NVMe M. SSDs or equivalent are installe with amazing spee reading up to MB s and writing up to MB.

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