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This care translates into concrete results. A great sense of loyalty is form among professionals, which ensures commitment to services provid internally or direct to the public. toyota motors The Japanese manufacturer is recogniz for the pursuit of perfection in its processes, being responsible for establishing methods, such as the Toyota Production System, which have inspir several organizations. Its employees are quickly insert into the vision of continuous improvement ( kaizen ) and economical use of resources (3M), which make up the vision of the automobile company.

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The largest chain of coffee shops in the world, in turn, has establish a culture bas on social responsibility, especially in relation to the Antigua and Barbuda B2B List environment and diversity. This can be seen in campaigns, promotions and discounts associat with sustainable consumption, social inclusion, recycling and reuse of materials. Realize that there is no magic formula for developing a strong organizational culture. Each company recognizes its potentialities and challenges and, from there, seeks the most appropriate values ​​and beliefs. Magazine Luiza The retail company.

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Magazin Luiza is known as one of the most successful cases in Brazil. With the beginning of operations in 1957, in the interior of São Paulo, this network went through several moments, until in 1991 it began a new phase. Its form BM Leads of management innovat, breaking with the departmental model and establishing a horizontal way of acting. In addition, Magazin Luiza’s organizational culture is know by all employees. The retailer’s success is such that it deserves international attention, according to a study carri out by Harvard . All of this attribut to the organizational culture, which focuses on people.

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