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So what about businesses whose productivity depends exclusively on their human capital? Training and development must be part of the corporate culture that aims to grow. According to Época Negócios magazine, the volume of hours invest in corporate training in 2016 increas by 33% compar to last year. Of these actions, 40% were earmark for leadership training and development , 14% for senior leadership and 26% for management and supervision.

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The other 60% assign to operational positions , who ne technical information to guide their work. Therefore, the tendency Bolivia B2B List is always to focus more on operational training, but never forgetting that leaders also ne to develop and that this development does not always have to come from their total initiative. Of these, currently only 63% are face-to-face training . Distance courses provide a practical and cost-effective solution for T&D. EaD training is practical and can provide leaders with data that the traditional model does not have, such as assertiveness indices or progress performance. Read also  Online training and other eye-catching business benefits.

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Postponing investment can lead to stagnation in the company Behavioral training is also vast to deal with the attitudes expect from BM Leads the team. Perhaps the realignment of the institution’s behavioral stance and culture will gain much more from this type of training. Communication training is extremely important to improve the quality of information transmitt from one employee to another, and especially for leaders who always ne to align work with teams.

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