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What is gamifi training? new call to action Gamifi training is a type of training that uses common game dynamics and mechanics to engage your employee in learning, demonstrably bringing beneficial results for the company and the team. As such, the principles of gamification include: System and ranking of points; Challenges; Rewards; Voluntary participation. All of these elements are us to arouse your employee’s interest during the training sessions, which may result in more advantages for your company bas on the engagement generat.

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In Brazil, several corporations have already implement gamification in companies in corporate training, such as Banco do Brasil and IBM. Therefore, one can see the importance of focusing on employee learning in order to reap results United Arab Emirates B2B List for the company. Gamifi training for integration Gamifi training can also be seen in the onboarding of new talents , where the new hire is encourag to carry out online activities and make individual decisions to learn how their functions are in practice.

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The scores and the ranking, in this case, are great tools.  To motivate the new employee.  Making him the protagonist of his own learning BM Leads with.  Knowlge gain to meet the nes present by the position. At the same time, you can monitor your performance during training. In this way, the entire integration and instruction process is analyz to ensure efficient onboarding.

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