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Already 52% of the interview professionals expect to have a leadership that motivates them to grow. While 38% want the leader to show interest in their well-being. This data reveals that companies and employees appreciate skill leaders. After all, to obtain the present results, skills are indispensable. Below, we point out the top 5 that should be part of HR leadership. 1. Emotional intelligence This skill represents the ability to identify our own feelings and those of others. In addition, it means managing internal emotions well, motivating people and maintaining good relationships.

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To obtain emotional intelligence it is necessary: ​​emotional control, self-knowlge, self-motivation and empathy. Assessment is so common that it can even be us in isolation from Kirkpatrick’s four levels. More than half of the Colombia B2B List corporate training programs adopt some type of evaluation instrument in this sense, mainly as a method of measuring the results produc by a training program . Thus, through these evaluative instruments, it is possible to estimate the learning scale for the team and for the individual. The objective is to assess whether the employee has assimilat the training content, hoping to produce immiate effects in their corporate day-to-day.

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In continuous training, it is even possible to verify the evolution of each employee and their performance. Through data collection, it is BM Leads possible to stipulate the team’s learning curve and set performance goals bas on motivational actions. Finally, the learning assessments produce very assertive data on the team’s evolution, demonstrating the effectiveness of the training and what has chang in the before and after. These reports are excellent tools to present to the board and investors to justify budgets and generate insights in the training report . fundamental elements Efficient learning assessments must contain certain important elements to point to reliable data from training actions.

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