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Get to know platform The benefits of the platform are excellent reasons to join it in your company’s training, showing greater effectiveness in the development and improvement of employees in their entirety. To learn more about the advantages of the gamifi platform , regardless of the size of your company , and even hire people to optimize your work, talk to Gupy ucação Corporativa specialists and train talent with quality!Intern rights: see which are the top.

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According to the Internship Law, the intern’s rights are: 30-day vacation for every 12 months work, salary and transportation Israel B2B List allowance in case of non-mandatory internship, personal accident insurance, maximum workload of 6 hours a day and 30 hours a week, and more. Guilherme Dias | These fines can reach 2% of the company’s revenue, with a limit of 50 million reais per infraction. Damage to the company’s reputation: Failure to follow LGPD guidelines may result in damage to the company’s reputation.

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This can lead to lost customers and business, as well as negatively impacting the company’s brand. Lawsuits: If an employee BM Leads has their rights violat.  They can file a lawsuit or file an administrative proceing against the company. This could result in financial and reputational damage to the company. Loss of employee trust: Employees may lose trust in. The company if they feel their personal data is not being handl properly. This can negatively affect organizational culture and employee motivation.

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