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Therefore, a direct approach can be interesting, especially in more theoretical content. It is valid, however, to structure the interview, but still leaving room for an informal conversation. By the way, a friendly tone is very important to create rapport and make the employee not feel corner as if he were under constant analysis. However, this model produces qualitative and comprehensive results. Perhaps it does not immiately issue a clear score as in other methods, making life a little difficult for the T&D manager.

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However, dialogue and proximity generate fantastic feback where other models are limit. 4. Group dynamics Dynamics Guyana B2B List represent a far-fetch method of assessing learning . They demand more planning time and greater efforts to  tabulate qualitative data. However, it is one of the methods that produces the best evaluations, as it places employees in an environment that is very close to the practice of corporate life. Thus, simulat situations are ideal dynamics due to their proximity to the company’s reality.

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Although it seems a challenge to evaluate quantitatively, it is possible to adopt a discrete checklist — which employees are BM Leads unaware of. During the group dynamics , the evaluator marks the items that the employee is expect to complete. This helps a lot when it comes to tabulating the data for an objective evolution scale. 5. Continu evaluation It is interesting to verify both the increase in post-training knowlge and the retention of this knowlge over time and its practical application in the day-to-day of the corporate environment. To apply continuous evaluations, it is enough to previously prepare one or of the evaluation models together with the lecturer and apply it monthly or bimonthly.

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