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Check out this article to understand what a gamification platform is and how this great ally drives, encourages and engages employees in various types of business training . Gamifi platform: the missing upgrade in corporate ucation Recently, Anant Agarwal, founder of X, reports that 75% of faculty and advisors have felt the benefits of moving from traditional to virtual learning for the Times Higher ucation World University Ranking . It does not stop there. An article publish in Harvard Business shows that: Despite the fact that the population.

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Lives at a frenetic pace, when content is rich and engaging, they tend to stop to absorb knowlge; When material focuses on India B2B List a specific teaching area, it becomes simpler to keep people on the learning journey; Simple and objective content captivates and engages Millennials more than very flashy subjects. Including employee engagement, motivation to participate in training, whether mandatory or complementary to functions, and dynamism throughout the learning journey enchant talents from all over the world.

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The gamifi platform , therefore, combines virtual capabilities with elements that resemble business game mechanisms, such as a reward system, scores, videos and highly attractive content. Read also Business Games: what they are and how BM Leads they revolutionize corporate 8 benefits of the gamifi platform You already know that online training platforms are the new trend in the corporate world , bringing great benefits for both business and employees. Check now the main benefits of resorting to this valuable partner of the gamifi platform to boost training results in large companies , regardless of the segment! 1. Teaching flexibility When companies hire a training platform for employees , there is no ne to remove professionals from their jobs or ask them to be present for training outside working hours.

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