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Loss of Business Opportunities: Companies that are not GDPR compliant may lose business opportunities with companies and customers that require their business partners to comply with privacy regulations. It is essential that companies follow the LGPD guidelines and adopt good practices to protect the personal data of candidates, employees and customers in order to avoid risks such as exposure of the company to fines and sanctions.

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Damage to reputation, judicial and administrative proceings, loss of trust and loss of business opportunities. How to Japan B2B List correctly follow the LGPD in the employee admission process In order to correctly follow the LGPD in the employee admission process, it is important to adopt some specific practices. Here are some tips to help ensure your company is GDPR compliant during employee onboarding: Define a legal hypothesis Before collecting any employee personal data, define a legal hypothesis.

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Collect the data in compliance with the law. In the case of hiring employees, the company nes to define a legal hypothesis, which may be, among BM Leads others, consent, execution of a contract or compliance with a legal duty, for example. Collect only necessary data Collect only the personal data necessary for the identifi purpose, for example, carrying out the admission process in accordance with labor legislation. Ensuring data security It is important to have adequate technical and organizational measures in place to guarantee the security of personal data.

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