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These tasks, even so simple for most people,. Were barriers that prevent many candidates from having a common experience in the search for a job. And it is important to emphasize that the Gupy Vacancies Portal and the recruitment platform ne to be us by assistive tools that blind or low vision people use on a daily basis, such as screen reading, contrast enhancement, zooming and font magnification. These technologies already help thousands of people in their daily lives, and with improvements to the platform, the entire process has become even more accessible.

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The improvements in the Gupy platform, in addition to directly impacting the lives of blind or low vision candidates, are a movement Philippines B2B List that represents an influence that encourages the constant construction of digital platforms that are increasingly accessible and design for all people. Gupy and our commitment to diversity In our diversity manifesto releas in 2021 , you can find the diversity and inclusion goals set for Gupy. We believe that, given the degree of importance and impact, this agenda should be seen as a strategic objective and work on several fronts.

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Finally, we reinforce our position and commitment. Not only to people with disabilities – but to inclusion as a whole – with a BM Leads statement from our. D&I Manager, Tamara Braga: “Gupy has been committ to diversity. And inclusion since its inception. Therefore, D&I is in our DNA. Focusing on the agenda for people with disabilities. We manag to grow the number of people with disabilities in the company by 3x since 2021. We also understand that hiring people with disabilities is not a way to fill quotas.

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