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Artifacts They are the symbols, management practices, services, stories and standards. They are the most concrete things we can observe in a company. The construction of a corporate culture starts from the most conscious level (artifacts) to the most unconscious (assumptions). That is, the ways of acting and portraying the organization gradually take root in the work environment. You can understand this process if you look at three human tendencies. Imitation When a behavior is effective, people observe and replicate the practice. stay Change incurs costs such as time.

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Effort, and resources. Thus, what has already work ends up being maintain frequently, Group Convergence Individual opinions gradually become more and more bas on the opinion of the group to which the person belongs. The Germany B2B List famous quote by speaker Jim Rohn illustrates the idea well: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Pay attention, however, to the meaning of the word “effectiveness”. Here, the concept is us broadly. For example, being late without punishment brings gains for the employee, who can spend more time at home, therefore, from this point of view, it is effective. Did you see the danger.

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Behaviors contrary to the company’s interests can reward professionals. Thus, imitation, permanence, and group convergence BM Leads will all work to build a toxic culture. Now that you’re structuring your company’s culture, use it to strategically recruit the best talent! Download our checklist. New call-to-action Good practices to facilitate the understanding of culture in the organization Below, you will find practical tips for building an organizational culture in a company. Find the right people Your company won’t be able to make a person wear the shirt and give blood if they don’t want to. For the employee to wear the shirt, it nes to be his size and please his taste.

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