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legal principles and hypotheses throughout its lifecycle, whether in the collection, use or sharing of your personal information. This means that, in the context of HR, depending on the activity and data involv, companies ne to observe some of the legal hypotheses, among them, obtaining consent, compliance with legal or regulatory obligations or contract execution, for example, in addition to the principles set out in the LGPD that will be address below. Transparency The LGPD requires companies to be transparent about their data handling practices, including the collection and processing of personal data.

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This means companies must provide clear and accessible information to candidates and employees about how their data is being handl, collect, us and shar and dispos of. Security The LGPD states that companies must adopt data Algeria B2B List security and governance measures, which means that companies must implement adequate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data throughout the lifecycle of personal data. Rights of data subjects.

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The LGPD also establishes various rights for data subjects, including the right to access, correct, delete and limit the use of their BM Leads personal information. Companies must be prepar to deal with requests from data subjects in relation to these rights and comply with them within the legal deadline. In summary, the LGPD has a significant impact on the HR sector , requiring companies to implement robust privacy and security practices and be transparent regarding their personal data collection and use practices. Banner “Is your admission process in accordance with the LGPD.

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