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When culture is present even in the recruitment process , therefore, the idea transmitt about the establishment is very positive. In this way, the image is consolidat and differentiates the business from competitors. For this to be possible, the company must communicate its organizational culture to candidates, either when presenting the business in interviews, or in the summary on the R&S website, or on LinkIn . The important thing is to disseminate it with the aim of attracting candidates who identify themselves, avoiding misalign hiring.

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Works as an element to attract professionals In order to hire the right people, it is important to have good candidates . However, when the company does not demonstrate good characteristics, talents prefer to go in other directions. To Sweden B2B List prevent this from happening, having the support of the culture makes the difference. It is clear what the desir profile is, and the business also demonstrates the ability to offer a strategic and well-orient performance. With a greater number of people interest in the vacancy and a well-defin profile, the search takes less time.

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As a result, the step will be simpler and, above all, much more effective and positive for both sides. Examples of organizational BM Leads culture When the values ​​and beliefs establish by the company facilitate the development of strategies and, in practice, guide the behavior of employees, the culture is strong and positive. See examples of organizational culture of large companies. Google You’ve certainly heard of the Google desktop . To encourage creativity and motivation, the venues are always informal, fun, inspiring and flexible hours . The focus is on health, well-being and quality of life at work.

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