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How to create a training against harassment in the workplace? As mention earlier, this topic is a very complex subject and one must be very careful when approaching it. Therefore, this training is different from other types of training and must be done with even greater attention. This does not mean that other types of training should not receive due attention, but this is not common training, as it is a way to combat a phenomenon that can impact the physical and psychological integrity of many women.

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That said, let’s go to the best practices for developing this training: 1. Map the areas of greatest incidence First of all, it is important Laos B2B List that you understand which areas have the highest incidence of harassment cases. Training is important for everyone in the company, but having this more detail view helps when making decisions and even taking the necessary measures for each case. Your company can collect this type of information through a reporting channel, an ombudsman or conversation with teams.

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Whatever the means us, it is essential not only to direct training. And take the appropriate measures, but mainly to create a safe BM Leads environment. In the company, because if someone harasses another person, he will not go unpunish. Ensure that training will be done. With experts in the field If there is no one on your team who is in the legal. Field or who has training or specialization in ways to combat violence against women, harassment, or relat issues, the ideal thing is that you hire someone or a company that has these specialists. This is because people from other areas may not be qualifi enough to approach the subject in the best possible way and with the necessary foundation for the subject.

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