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However, one of the most efficient ways is to participate in so-call continuous learning events with other leaders in the Human Resources area. This skill-boosting environment will be seen at HR4results 2023 – the biggest innovation event for HR in Latin America. This event is held by Gupy and will have an average of 5,000 participants, 70 national and international guests, in addition to more than 60 hours of content.

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Do you want to participate in this event? So, secure your ticket and enjoy two days of networking, connection and learning Syria B2B List at the biggest and best HR meeting in Latin America. Assessment of learning in companies: methodology and real importance Learning assessment is a methodology that analyzes the success of corporate ucation actions. Integrat with training and development, it encompasses specific methods and preparations to carry out more assertive training for the company and employee, improving employee engagement and performance.

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Romulo Martins | GUPY uCorpPublish by May 18, 2023. Training and development 9 minutes of reading Article index. The four stages BM Leads of T&D Assessment How to do a learning assessment? fundamental elements . Methodology for Learning Assessments.  Models of evaluation instruments B) Benefits of learning assessment. The Learning Assessment is one of four. Verification actions perform to measure the return. Of a training and people development program. Mainly to assess whether the corporate ucation action was efficient and met the stipulat goals. Companies that invest in T&D programs.

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