The drivers of employee inspiration and motivation

Among these indicators, we select some that are essential for your HR team to monitor: Time to fill (time to fill a vacancy); Time to hire (time to hire a collaborator); turnover ; Adherence of the candidate to the company’s profile; Quality of hires; Diversity in hiring. Also Read: How AI Can Ruce Your Time to Fill Jobs? Create an internal recruitment policy There is a possibility that the ideal talent for a given vacancy is already part of the company’s staff. To ensure that no collaborator is left out, it is ideal to carry out internal recruitment processes.

Organizational culture is one

In addition to being very assertive, this type of recruitment makes it possible to ruce costs with attraction, selection, complete Russia B2B List onboarding and training on cultural fit. Using technology as an ally The last tip is also one of the most important for rucing hiring costs. Using technology in selection processes is the best solution to optimize process steps, ruce operational tasks and gain time to focus on assertive strategies for recruiting and selecting, hiring and retaining talent. With Gupy Recruitment and Selection , for example, your HR team can.

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This investment Drop in team motivation

Centralize all your company’s open positions on a single platform; Publicize opportunities on the main job boards in the market and social BM Leads networks; Screen resumes online and quickly; Ruce hiring time; Ruce turnover with a much more agile selection process; Create steps such as tests and interviews; And much more! New call-to-action And with our digital admission solution , Gupy Admission, your company can: Make an admission process 100% online; Have automatic validation of admission documents of the collaborator; Make the request to resend documents, if necessary, through the platform itself; Perform data conference with eSocial.

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