February 25, 2024
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The ECO mode of your washing machine or dishwasher

We have all seen the eco mode button on our washing machine or dishwasher. Discover once and for all what it is and how it ends up influencing the well-being of our pocket and our planet. Link copied The eco mode of a washing machine or dishwasher is an economic program , focused on saving resources and their efficient management. Studies by a consumer association in Spain concluded that eco mode is capable of reducing electricity consumption by 33% and water consumption by 36% compared to a normal clothes washing cycle. However, the study also highlighted the effectiveness , duration or clarification of a wash in the eco program.

Eco mode refers to economy and not ecology

Eco means savings in energy and water costs, although aspects of the quality of the wash may be affected. But is this type of washing also sustainable? From the point of view of efficiency. Saving energy and water consumption is a point in favor of sustainability. In addition, cold programs extend the life of Qatar Phone Number Data  clothing and crockery, glassware and cutlery. The case of clothing, they prevent the release of color pigments and microfibers. Polluting elements that are eliminated down the drain and end up in the oceans, where they can remain for decades.

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Pre-treatment of garments

There are persistent stains, it is necessary to treat the garments before washing them, since washing at a low temperature will have more difficulty removing the dirt. There are some eco-friendly products for tough stains that can be applied before washing. Canada Phone Number List Brief pre-rinsing of the dishes : if we opt for a program with a temperature of less than 50ºC, it is possible that some food remains will not be completely removed. In these cases, a brief cold rinse is indicated before placing the piece in the dishwasher. Avoid using a dryer: save energy by hanging. Be careful with microplastics: if the clothes we wash are synthetic, use bags that retain microplastics.

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