The excuses are many Lack of time

How to measure results on the gamification platform? Measuring results is an indispensable factor, both during training and afterwards. This is because, while learning takes place, you will be able to follow where the employee was, on a scale of knowlge, and how far he has come. Thus, determining whether corporate training via the gamification platform really brought results for the team and company. Knowing that training on the platform is offer by a corporate ucation solutions enterprise.

A bad leader new call to action

Should give you the possibility to analyze the data of each professional what understands that the company is not limit to El Salvador B2B List a concession to carry out an activity, walls, furniture and equipment. All of this has nothing to do with preparing employees, engaging them and keeping them align with the company’s goals and objectives. Delegating training to another employee is a mistake Tradition preaches that more experienc employees can teach new employees during their own working hours and that this action brings satisfactory results and savings for the company.

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Teams or high turnover are trademarks

However, the real returns on this training can vary greatly and do not really represent an investment in T&D if it is not delegat to the BM Leads right person, generating – in this case – the real cost that leaders fear so much. Training and development deals with many human aspects, from your psyche to your individual skills and abilities. Placing this task in the hands of an unqualifi person can bring unnecessary risks with results ranging from unsatisfactory to disastrous.

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