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For example, use secure data storage and processing systems. Inform the employee Inform the employee about the treatment of their data, that is, how their data will be collect, stor, us, process and shar. Store the data correctly Store data securely, ensuring data confidentiality, integrity and availability, and keep that data for as long as necessary to fulfill the specific purposes for which it was collect.

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Delete the data after the end of the purpose Delete personal data at the end of the purpose, unless there is a legal or regulatory obligation to keep it longer, for example, to comply with labor regulations. Allow the employee to access and Jordan B2B List update their data According to the LGPD, data subjects have the right to obtain from the company, in relation to the data process at any time and upon request, the exercise of some rights, among them, the right to access, correct and delete their personal data.

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How Gupy Admissão helps HR comply with the LGPD Having a new employee admission tool helps your company maintain the security BM Leads of personal data at the time of hiring. Gupy Admissão ensures that your HR performs a 100% digital, fluid and charming admission process. Talk to an expert and learn more about how the product can help you keep your admission compliant with the LGPD!steps to create anti-harassment training in your company Mariana Dias | GUPYPublish by April 12, 2023 Training and development 4 minutes of reading Article index How to create a training against harassment in the workplace.

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