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Follow What is a gamification course and how does it work? In short, a gamification course is a corporate training that introduces game mechanics during the learning objective, with rules that must be follow; Challenges throughout teaching that participants ne to overcome to advance; Scoring system and a ranking of the best plac; Group activities and encouragement of healthy competition among talents; Rewards and awards after each module or at the end of the course.

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It is worth mentioning that the participation of employees must be voluntary, as well as in leisure games. In this case, the company invites you to sharpen your interest in training and feel like joining the moment. In practice, these Uruguay B2B List elements are us to achieve different advantages for the organization in relation to talent, and this is what we will see below. Also Read  What Is Gamification: Here Is A Definitive Explanation On The Topic . Image with the text: The gamifi platform to train your employees” Gamification course: 5 advantages in the business context When human resources professionals take a gamification course , they guarantee the possibility of applying their knowlge on the subject in the company and gain numerous competitive advantages.

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These advantages are mention below and represent benefits for both employees and the business. 1. Optimize corporate training BM Leads Traditional training has been losing ground in the market for gamifi training for some time, but why? According to some research present in Finances Online: 33% of employees would like to have game elements on training platforms of talent tend to get bor when teaching is not gamifi There is a 30% increase in knowlge retention if the oral or text-bas presentation is accompani by images, infographics or other visual aids (eLearning Learning, 2019) Performance increases by up to 89.45% for employees.

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