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Ad internal surveys are important tools in this process, especially if it is possible to count on People Analitycs . Rethink artifacts and incentives Design internal campaigns, disseminate information materials, change symbols, write new rules of conduct, transform workplaces, that is, change the artifacts. In addition, cultural fit must become a priority in recruitment and selection processes, performance evaluation, benefit distribution and career plans .

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This will take the shift to deeper levels. In some cases, it will also be necessary to correct the conduct. This is the situation, for Slovenia B2B List example, of absenteeism due to unjustifi absences. Oxygenate the frames Promoting the entry of employees is a way to fight harmful behavior. The integration of the new professional generates a conflict between individual values ​​and those of the group, therefore, if carri out with the correct incentives, admission can generate new cultural traits. However, it’s no use for you to fall into the same mistakes.

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Look for recruitment and selection systems, such as Gupy , that facilitate deeper research on the characteristics of BM Leads professionals, mainly behavioral skills , candidate profile and cultural fit. new call to action Organizational culture in Recruitment and Selection: why it matters In a way, the organizational culture works as the personality of the enterprise and carries its values, its business vision and the way of carrying out the tasks. When not determin by management, everyday life is responsible for defining a culture for the work environment. In addition to helping with team integration and performance alignment, it is essential for the recruitment process. If us strategically, it generates great positive impacts.

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