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The total number of those who like to visit websites from smartphones reaches . For example there customers if the online store is not adaptive then you lose potential customers. The numbers depressing n’t they although there is no ne to worry too much because most modern websites responsive by default. If the site is old or has not seen updates for a long time then you can check it using various tools and services. The simplest is to long press the “f ” key after which you will see adaptability if any in the left corner of the monitor.

The structure should be logical

To summarize adaptability is important if you don’t want to lose customers and try to keep up with the times. Correct directories correct directories the directory structure is not an a of ​​responsibility that can be ignor. It has a direct impact on usability and mobile app designs service key seo indicators. And understandable for example a person has visit the site he wants to buy a vacuum cleaner; it opens the section “small household appliances” – “cleaning products” – “vacuum cleaners”. Selects a device and places an order. Don’t neglect filters that allow you to sort products by price manufacturer and other characteristics.

For example vacuum cleaners can

From the description everything seems clear but in practice everything is more complicat. At the start you ne to determine how and how exactly it will be convenient. To get an accurate answer to this question you ne to think like a buyer when BM Leads testing your catalog structure; study all possible search queries choosing phrases that will be us for the catalog. Divid into “standard” “washing” “robots” etc. Subsections can be supplement with characteristics regarding power dust collector capacity power source and others.

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