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With this, employees will not have an excess of information and teaching will be objective. Soon, the participants become the protagonists of learning , acquiring knowlge of the functions in an uncomplicat way and developing this as an integrat team. 4. Union of employees With the benefits mention above, the union of employees is certainly strengthen and the integration of new talents successfully execut. In a healthy environment where all team members are constantly learning and experiences can be shar, onboarding is carri out effectively.

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Steps to implement gamifi training Now you’re probably wondering how to implement gamifi training in your company, right?! Well Vietnam B2B List then, here we will talk a little about the 5 strategies to adopt this type of training, check it out: 1. Adopt gamification It is valid to implement step-by-step gamification in corporate training . Explain the rules of the game to employees, the target audience of your training. Make the scoring system, game mechanics, and rewards clear.

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It is also worth showing the benefits that can be achiev with training bas on common games, and make them understand that such BM Leads advantages bring positive changes, both professionally and personally, for each member. Image with the text: “E-book Who’s Who in Gamification” 2. Identify the ne for training Since gamification is implement in training , it is important that you are aware of the team’s training nes in advance. In other words, make use of the professional training nes assessment step to find where your company can improve and improve.

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