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They allow you to Every company could face or is already facing a time when marketing investments. Ne to change, even to the point of having to drastically ruce them. In these situations, it is essential to be able to prioritize the right marketing actions so as not to damage the business irreparably. But how to do it? Events around the world are changing rapidly and some companies are changing. Their marketing and sales investment plans, preparing for tougher times. But how can you ruce your marketing budget without hurting your business.

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There are several methods you can use to ruce your budget and update your marketing plan. “Razor” method “Panic” method “Surgical cutting” method cut-budget-marketing-risks. The “razor” method The “razor” method is bas on the rough concept of decreasing by a specific percentage seo expater bangladesh ltd across all various marketing activities. This is almost never a good method as it tends to weaken all tactics . The activities that work, those that have a strong impact (on sales) and those that perform less well. With this method will all have the same weight and in a “democratic” way. Return to index cut-budget-marketing-risks- The “panic” method.

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The “panic” method starts from the common reaction of focusing completely on short-term conversions. We focus on everything that has a direct (or at least consider such) and positive effect on sales, while everything else is stopp. With activities focus only on short-term conversion actions you will see a positive effect for. Two or three months, but activity with a more extensive and long-term effect, you will soon start to notice how customer acquisition BM Leads costs tend to increase rapidly . If you continue in this direction and with this method, growth, or even worse, corporate sustainability will seriously slow down. For what initially seems like a great move, you may start paying the consequences as early as the next quarter or semester.

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