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So, we are looking for more and more people with disabilities to compose our teams and make the environment and product increasingly inclusive and accessible. We creat an affinity group focus on this agenda: the GUPCD, where we discuss the improvements we ne to make in our processes, products and services (internally and externally) and, also, accelerate the careers of people with disabilities who work with us through the partnership with Conecta Diversidade.

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Leadership training: how to develop talents to the position of leader? Leadership training serves to develop and improve Saudi Arabia B2B List people who are consider promising talents and with the potential to perform well in the position of manager or team leader. Romulo Martins | GUPY uCorpPublish by May 04, 2023 Training and development 6 minutes of reading Article index Why train leadership? Leadership Training: Check Out These 5 Key Steps 1. Monitor employee performance to identify talent with high potential 2. Design a well-structur strategy to develop promising talent.

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Assess promising talent to identify skills training nes 4. Provide gamifi leadership training to promote engagement 5. Provide BM Leads constant feback to ensure talent retention. Use leadership training to leverage talent More efficient. Recruitment and selection and hiring with Gupy. Talk to a seller Leadership training is highly relevant. Because talents are responsible for being an example to other employees. Inspiring, motivating and guiding them so that the company achieves. Its purposes in the market. Some studies have already highlight the importance of caring for corporate leadership.

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