Guarantees the Good Performance of Your Website With This Strategy

WPO is an acronym for the Anglo-Saxon expression “Web Performance Optimization”. Guarantees the It consists of a set of strategies and good practices to improve the performance of a website in its technical aspect, such as page loading speed and the user’s browsing experience. The user experience when browsing a website has become an essential aspect for businesses and brands , especially for those who want to make the most of the global and almost infinite market that the Internet represents.

What Guarantees the Are the Advantages of a WPO Strategy

As you already know, WPO significantly improves the email leads experience on the page and makes it much more efficient and attractive. Becoming a true source of growth, positioning and generation of business opportunities. Without further ado, here is a list of the specific and valuable advantages that the. Application of web performance optimization techniques and practices can provide. It is more than clear that the main focus of the WPO is Page Speed , which is the same, the loading speed of a website. And it is of no use that your page has attractive content and is. Visually friendly if its loading time is very high, one of the biggest annoyances that the user can experience. In addition, Page Speed ​​is one of the main positioning factors in SEO .

Higher Probability of Conversion

WPO is not an aspect that only impacts technically BM Leads and on the user experience itself. Also, it is an ally for commercial processes and business strategies. As good Digital Marketing practices dictate , it is important to strategically lead people within. Web portals, so that they carry out positive actions for the commercial process. For this to be possible, logically, it is necessary to have a significant average length of stay and a high level of engagement. Which is reflected in users who open different tabs and sections within the page. 

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