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Work them out immeiately on your texts. then the benefits of reading will at least double. picture Read also How to write the right title for an article. Write. cut. Maxim Ilyakhov. Lyudmila Sarycheva The book Write. cut. Maxim Ilyakhov. Lyudmila Sarycheva For whom For everyone who writes for work. Not suitable for those who create artistic texts. About what About clichés. stop words. falsehoods. clericalism and other parasites that make your texts useless. unreadable. ordinary. and how to get rid of language garbage. wring out the water.

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Convey the idea and write about yourself and the company in strong persuasive language. Why do we recommend The book is rightfully considere the ABC of the information style of writing. Twothirds of the Write. Shorten content are examples that clearly show the difference between good and bad text. this will make it easier to eit your texts. In addition. the Thailand Email List authors give advice on the design and illustration of materials Author. scissors. paper. How to quickly write impressive texts. lessons. Nikolai Kononov The book Author. scissors. paper. How to quickly write impressive texts. lessons. Nikolai Kononov For whom For those who want to learn from scratch how to write articles. business and business books and other texts that nee to convince someone. explain something and captivate at the same time.

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About what In short but capacious lessons of the book. you can learn not only to write. as they say. from scratch. but also to come up with ideas for texts. The author believes that there is no magic or innate gift in the skill of a writer. journalist or copywriter BM Leads after going through the books stepbystep lessons. you will figure out how to write on the case. eit your texts. and find your own style. Why do we recommend One of the chapters gives advice on how to overcome that same procrastination and writers block. If this problem is close to you. be sure to add the book to your list Word living and dead. Nora Gal The book The Word Living and Dead.

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