February 27, 2024
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Types of gardens according to their aesthetic style

Recognized by many that a beautiful garden is one of the greatest pleasures in life. For thousands of years, flowers and plants have been part of the evolution of humanity. Its beauty and usefulness have not only inspired poets and artists but have been part of symbols and legends throughout history. Thus, man’s contact with nature comes from ancient times, and to this day, nature continues to be part of our daily lives through plants, flowers, and gardens prepared for this purpose. Nowadays, especially in urban centers where we live far from true nature, we can choose to create a garden as a symbol of life and beauty, adding a touch of glamor to our homes.

Types of gardens

There are a variety of classifications of garden types, but the most common is the one that refers to the aesthetic style, where we can highlight five types of garden. tropical garden As its name indicates, it is characterized by having  Cambodia WhatsApp Number Data plants native to tropical climates. For this reason, these gardens require a rather humid environment and high temperatures. They usually have leafy trees with large leaves. Its flowers are exotic and bright, like the Desert Rose, the African Violet, or the Bird of Paradise. A tropical garden offers a wild look to the home.


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Japanese garden

Highly valued for their complexity, they are similar to Zen gardens. The difference is that they usually add more aquatic elements to provide greater peace and serenity to their observers. Japanese gardens are characterized by their intention to transmit Cambodia Phone Number List  relaxing energy to the human being who is near them. They usually combine dark-toned plants such as bamboos and ferns with rocks and water. Sustainable garden This type of garden aims to optimize maintenance so that they become self-sufficient gardens. They use native plants typical of the climate in which they grow and generally do not require pruning or irrigation.


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